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In today's post you guys will be able to get to know Zoe, the creator of Bracelets for Change!

Zoe has chosen to make a difference with her bracelets. Zoe has enjoyed making bracelets since she was in the seventh grade and felt she could make a difference by using them to raise money. Zoe thought that when Thread Club was started it was the perfect opportunity to have fun while also helping people. She has chosen to donate all of the funds from these bracelets because, " I wanted to do something for others, not myself" and she wanted people to be able to benefit from these proceeds.

All of the funds from May 28th to June 30th will be donated to the Community Partnership for Childhood Development (CPCD), which is an organization that gives children in Colorado Springs an equal opportunity to access education. CPCD strives to work with children of color and families that suffer from social or economic disparities. This childhood service has established a welcoming community, and the solid foundation formed at CPCD allows students to create a strong, worthy voice. Zoe said that she chose CPCD because she, "has worked closely with the organization since 6th grade through the National Charity League and admires their mission." Zoe's bracelets have already raised more than $200 dollars and she hopes to be able to continue to donate!

In the month of July, Zoe has chosen to donate all funds to the Polaris Project. The Polaris Project fights to end human trafficking in the United States. The Polaris Project is serving victims by providing a National Human Trafficking Hotline, they have created a database that illuminates how human trafficking really works, and they have turned their database into a resource system that works to disrupt and intervene in human trafficking. Zoe has chosen to donate all funds from the month of July because the Polaris Project will be matching donations up to $100,000 dollars this month. Zoe found the Polaris Project through a documentary and was appalled that more action was not being taken towards this issue. She says that when she found this organization, "I knew it was necessary to do something to help stop this horrific cycle."

Following the month of July, Zoe will be splitting her funds between CPCD and the Polaris Project because each of these organizations are committed to making a difference throughout our nation. Although these organizations support different causes, Zoe feels that each of these institutions support meaningful change in our nation. Zoe's thinks that it is so important to continue to donate to these organizations, among others, because donations to these organizations are helping innocent children, but Zoe wants to encourage people to donate because she believes that no matter how small an amount, your donation will be helping others.

Links to both organizations webpages will be available below if you wish to know more about these essential programs.


Polaris Project:

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