Hi everyone! Today I will be addressing the large need for masks across the country, how Thread Club is helping, and what you can do to help!

The need for masks across the country is great and urgent. If you google “need for masks in US hospitals” hundreds of sites instantly pop up where you can see the lack of supplies in the United States. One of the sites I found was called Deaconess which allows medical professionals to post their need for supplies and contact information. My goal at Thread Club is to support the Colorado Springs community as well as make a difference anywhere I can. The coronavirus pandemic has brought to light the need for people across the country to connect and help each other.

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown that there simply are not enough medical supply manufacturers in the country. NPR states that, “There aren't enough domestic manufacturers for critical medical supplies such as face masks. And even if production ramps up, it's unlikely to be enough in the current outbreak.” Not only are N95 masks critical to keep medical professionals safe, some doctors can’t access any supplies for their employees.

Thread Club wants to ask the community of Colorado Springs to donate! In whatever way you can, donating will help those in need. Some ways you could help Thread Club or other organizations is to donate funds to purchase material, donate fabric, secure filters that can better protect medical workers, or simply wear your mask! Each of these could be low cost ways that everyone can be involved in. The coronavirus pandemic requires teamwork, and now more than ever, each person has the opportunity to get involved and help!

Links for places you can donate, websites to read about the need for masks, and other resources will be linked below.

Medical Professionals requesting supplies for their employees:

We need masks:

Donate to Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital:

Springs Rescue Mission:

University Hospitals:


Note: I am not a medical professional so none of my suggestions can be regarded as fact, only opinion.

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