Masks Matter

Hey guys! Today I want to readdress the importance of face masks.

As places start to reopen across the country it is still important to remember to wear a mask when you leave the house as well as continuing to social distance. While social distancing is helpful in ending the spread of the virus, masks are the key to discontinuing the spread. A recent Forbes article quotes the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science which reports that masks may be the central variable that controls the spread of the virus. The article also reports that the difference in virus trends is due to whether or not masks are mandated. Other measures that were put in place to reduce the spread of the virus were examined, however cases started to decline once masks were mandatory in cities like NYC and Wuhan. From the Irish Time recent studies have found that masks are very effective in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Studies from Germany, the United States, and Britain have shown that when masks were mandatory in public spaces in Germany, the number of new infections fell almost to zero. According to the Irish Times the reduction in infections is between 40 and 60 percent due to the use of face coverings. In places where face masks were used in Germany, the daily growth rate in the number of cases decreased to just about 2 to 3 percent. At the beginning of the epidemic when face masks were not required, the growth in the number of cases per day was about 50 percent. While I may not have a medical degree, educating yourself on ways you can be proactive in keeping yourself and others safe is really important. The links to both articles that were quoted in this post will be below so you can read each of them to better understand how important masks still are.

I hope everyone reading is safe and healthy mentally and physically during this time.

Best always,

Rachel :)

The Irish Times:


Note: I am not a medical professional so none of the content above can be stated as fact, only personal opinion.

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