Thread Club Update :)

Hey guys! This is an update post so you can see where Thread Club is after only being in business for one month.

Thread Club started in a whirlwind, original suggestion from my sister;), but today I am so grateful to have gained so much knowledge from starting this little business. Running an online store has taught me about the importance of small details and effectively communicating with your customers. Thread Club has been a success so far because of your support. Your purchases on Thread Club have allowed me to make more than 150 masks and I am committed to making 238 already! We have also raised over 300 dollars for the organizations that Thread Club supports. I am so excited to start this new blog journey as I create posts and content for you guys to read. This platform will allow me to communicate ways that you guys can continue to help Thread Club, as well as the community, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As Thread Club continues to make masks, and supply donations, I encourage everyone to keep wearing their masks! Come back in a couple of days to read my post about the importance of face coverings, even six months after this pandemic started.

Best always,


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