What I have learned (so far)

When the idea for this business went from my head (and my sisters) to something physical, I knew there would be a learning curve. Throughout this process some common sense things have been reinforced, and I have learned some new skills. Putting all the things I have gained from this experience into a list is only logical, considering this business is completely organized by spread sheets and to do lists:)

  1. Learning to sew was quite a challenge because I didn't know how the machine worked and I was putting the bobbin (the bottom thread) on the top of the machine (I still have my fair share of difficulties even four months in and 650 masks later)!

  2. Scissors definitely do cut your skin and do NOT cut anything else with fabric scissors or they will stop working :(

  3. Irons are very hot and sizzle upon touch.

  4. To do lists actually have made my life significantly easier. Although I have used a planner all throughout school, to do lists have their own sense of grown-upness and give me a purpose throughout the day.

  5. Always use a tracking number on a package! Without one, USPS could lose your package with no knowledge of where it is, if it will be returned, or if it ever existed, so I do not recommend shipping packages if it only has stamps.

Alright these were some of the comical and mundane things I should have learned long ago, but this business has taught me real usable skills.

  1. Word of mouth works and effectively advertises for your business. This method has grown my business and it cost me zero dollars. Advertising has not been one of my main focuses, but having people who are wiling to wear and share your product matters. I have found that just spreading the word through social media has helped me reach hundreds of new people.

  2. Person to person contact establishes trust and credibility throughout my business. If contact is by email, blog, or in person, having a way to continually communicate with your customers shows that you value the relationship. Communicating with my shoppers is important to me, and I have learned it is important to customers as well. I like to know what I am doing right, but also I want to know what I am doing wrong. As a 17 year old I know close to nothing about how a business should be run, or what I should be doing, which is why I value customer feedback and new ideas.

  3. Creating something, such as a business or a product, takes a lot of time. This business has taught me that quality time put towards a project pays off because people appreciate a site that is easy to use or photos that capture what the item looks like. Thread Club has taught me to pay attention even more to small details.

I wanted to share the most useful skills and tips I have learned throughout this process because sharing my experience allows other people to see that maybe when they were young they had a similar story. I want other people to know that starting anything is hard and takes a lot of courage. It does not matter what you are doing or who knows you're doing it, starting something that challenges you makes you become a better you. Thread Club has made me more outgoing because I have to put myself and my business out there in order to reach new shoppers. Today I am so grateful for this experience because it showed me that I can accomplish what I set out to do, so what have you done today to challenge yourself?

Please actually share what challenges you and why you chose what you're doing to help you become a better version of yourself. Use the comments below or email me to tell me about your experience.

Best always,


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