This is a pattern that would be seen on the outside of the mask. When selected you can choose this pattern, as well as a solid colored lining to accompany it. 


The funds from this mask will contribute to the Black Lives Matter organizations that Thread Club supports. 


Note: Exclusive fabrics are unique to you and will have a low inventory to ensure that your mask sticks out in a sea of blue. 

New exclusive fabrics will not exactly match any fabrics that have been sold on the website before. 

Black Lives Matter-Protest

  • Included with your mask will be a business card. The back of this card informs you that you can rewear each mask, you can also rewash them. Since the masks are made from cotton please do not dry the mask or else it will shrink. 


    Distance From Nose to Chin


    Men's Large


    Men's Regular 


    Women's Large


    Women's Regular

    4 1/2

    Teenagers (13-17)

    4 1/2

    Child (7-12)



Disclaimer: Thread Club masks are for general purpose use only and should not be used in any sort of medical setting.These masks are not designed to prevent, treat, or cure any disease including COVID-19. Masks are only for personal protection purposes.