This product option allow you to purchase a custom mask. You can choose the fabric and the lining, if I don't already offer it on the website. When you purchase this option, I will email you asking for fabric, color, size, quantity, and elastic color to ensure the masks are exactly what you imagine! Pricing may vary due to fabric and quantity desired. 


Some examples of custom orders I have received are daisy patterned masks for a bridal shower and color matching masks for a wedding ceremony. 


Note: Most custom fabrics need to be ordered and an additional shipping cost of fabric may be included in the price. 

Production times may be slower due to when your fabric arrives and the quantity of your order. Please buy 2-3 weeks ahead of when you will need the masks if your order is larger than 25. 

Custom Mask

  • Included with your mask will be a business card. The back of this card informs you that you can rewear each mask, you can also rewash them. Since the masks are made from cotton please do not dry the mask or else it will shrink. 


    Distance From Nose to Chin


    Men's Large


    Men's Regular 


    Women's Large


    Women's Regular

    4 1/2

    Teenagers (13-17)

    4 1/2

    Child (7-12)


Disclaimer: Thread Club masks are for general purpose use only and should not be used in any sort of medical setting.These masks are not designed to prevent, treat, or cure any disease including COVID-19. Masks are only for personal protection purposes.