People who love Thread Club


" I love your website, your purpose, and your charitable giving that you also have built-in to your business. You are going to be a success in whatever you chose to do and you're already making that happen!"

Annie B. 

" Just wanted to say thank you so much for the face mask. Your generosity and selflessness during this time is greatly appreciated."

Brandy J/ Nurse/ BSN, RN, OCN 

" Super cute and comfy masks that are also contributing to great causes. Would highly recommend!" 

A very satisfied customer

" Thank you so much for dropping off the mask to the house. It’s great! I especially like the higher nose part design. I’ll be getting some more of those. Thank you for all that you do and for helping such a great cause. You are making a difference in peoples lives, and that should make you feel very proud."

David S. 

"I'm so proud of your ingenuity and ambition to create this business to help keep our community safe. I'll look forward to wearing your masks with pride. Great job honey!"

Nechie H. 

"Got my masks and I love them! I love what you are dong too! Best of luck to you!!"

Connie L.

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See what the local Colorado Springs paper has to say about Thread Club!


"Colorado Springs teen Rachel Moody is making and selling masks as a way to make a positive change through the global pandemic. There's more than just retail to Thread Club. Rachel also donates masks and money to local nonprofits. Through the sale of Thread Club's Black Lives Matter mask, Moody raises money for the Center for African American Health in Denver. Thank you for your support, Rachel!"


—  The Center For African American Health